Create Success for Seniors
and their Adult Children

RIGHTCARE brings new resources and programming that align the church, the family, the community, and the senior.

Our Purpose

We equip churches to meet the needs of seniors and their families.

RIGHTCARE (RC) provides the tools, education, training, and resources needed to activate the timeless values of a church’s senior ministry, directly impacting the everyday life and needs of seniors and their families.

There's so much frustration in wanting to respect a parent, but also help.

There is a subtle grief children experience as their aging parents begin to lose functioning. Children may want to deny their parents' decline, which can be amplified by a culture that suggests aging should be fought or hidden.

"I’ve been a minister for 28 years and helping the senior saints of our church has been one of the hardest things to do, and I don’t think we are very good at it."

Negative stereotypes about aging can complicate the dynamic between adult children who see their parents in need of help and the parents who are apt to reject anything that identifies them as older or more vulnerable.

Conflicts often threaten relationships between aging parents and their adult children just when understanding and support are needed the most.

Research continues to show that seniors who have been a part of the church body during their adult lives, fail as they age at the same rate as seniors without the support of a local church body.

Be their best hope when facing these challenges.

Join us as we solve some of the biggest challenges facing our seniors.

Seniors are Failing

Seniors in our churches are failing at the same rate as seniors outside of the church in almost every measurable category. An in-depth review of ministry towards our “oldest old” has shown few advancements in the capabilities or resources deployed for seniors and their adult children in the last twenty years. Meanwhile, the population over 75 is exploding. Now we can be their best hope when facing the challenges that come with aging.

Adult Children

The shifting roles between child and parent challenge family dynamics and are made more complicated by not knowing the best ways to help, negative stereotypes about aging, and resistance to help. Just when understanding and support are needed the most, these challenges often weaken relationships between aging parents and their adult children. RIGHTCARE is here to help adult children improve the well-being and quality of life of their parents through the aging process.

Sustainable Programming

RIGHTCARE enhances its ministry through partnerships with community members, advocacy, and funding sources to best maximize mission, reach, and resources. Many organizations and individuals in our community share a goal with our church: to help others. This shared purpose and RIGHTCARE's specific focus allows for unique collaboration between the church and community, not just for practical reasons but for the overall benefit of the community.

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Execute powerful, age specific

At every age of an adult's life, you can leverage specific programming and resources to execute solutions that truly make a difference.


Needs Assessment

Our families can now get access to key metrics and solutions they cannot find anywhere else. This sets them up for significantly higher levels of success as they age. Can you imagine a ministry that meets the needs and challenges our seniors are facing as they age. That we all face as we age. It starts with understanding and identifying the need.

RIGHTCARE needs assessment is based on twenty years of research with over 300 organizations and 75,000 senior lives. It has set the standard for helping families easily interpret complex information surrounding an aging senior and draw out actionable solutions.

Elevate Your Ministry

Elevate Your Ministry

Certification Classes

1. Live Training

Weekly one on one and group training to accelerate learning.

2. Engaging Videos
We’ve broken the teaching into quick, memorable videos that optimize impact and promote retention.

3. Interactive Homework
Includes engaging assignments designed to help you internalize teaching and take meaningful action.

What if you took time to work on your ministry, not just in it?

Training & Events

Training and Events

We have one on one interactive coaching and support to help you with member specific challenges, monthly certification trainings, and quarterly Excellence in Aging workshops with senior ministry teams from other local churches.

Every training is designed to inspire and equip you and your team for an incredible year of ministry.



Our team of contributors, senior ministry practitioners, and experts all across the country work each week to make sure the resources and tools of your senior ministry helps your seniors and their adult children successfully navigate their unique challenges and discover a deeper faith.

Ready to go resources and tools:

  • Family Welcome Book
  • Caring for at Risk Parents
  • Volunteer Handbook
  • Monthly News Letters
  • Social Media (for adult children)
  • Podcast Programming
  • Volunteer Training Guide
  • 7 Tips for Parenting Parents
  • Dealing With Crisis
  • Understanding indendence
  • Safety in the home education modules
  • Hospice as a resource
  • Medical Condition Management packet
  • Adult Children Tool Kit
  • Community Lecture Series
  • How to Partner With Your Parents Workshops
  • Home Assessment and Solutions Plan
Community Education


Aging Well Series

  • This award winning eight part lecture series is based on over 20 years of research involving 75,000 senior lives.
  • Each of the key challenges that come with aging and effective solutions are covered.
  • Excellent for senior members and their adult children as well as education for the entire community.
  • All slides and hand out materials come with the lecture series as well as on-line and one on one training for how to present each key lecture.
Community Programing

Community Programming

Within our community, there are people and organizations with a common goal: to help people. This is why the church and the community not only need each other for practical purposes but are better together for the good of the community. Let us help you to lead community-based programming to achieve more for our seniors than we ever could alone.

We have over twenty years of experience partnering communities together around the needs of their most vulnerable populations. Churches, healthcare organizations, for profit businesses, non-profit businesses, and fire departments… all coming together to form strong partnerships that last for decades achieving the goals of the ministry. This is the essence of what community-based programming is all about.

Tour 2024

Tour 2024

Come Learn From Leading Ministry Voices

Every message will inspire and re-energize your team for an incredible year of ministry.

Align your Leadership Team

The conversations, breakouts, and messages will be a catalyst for the important discussions your team needs to contextualize an intentional approach.

Retain your Best Volunteers

Invest in those who invest in our oldest generation with an encouraging experience combined with practical concepts they can implement—because your volunteers can make the biggest difference.

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Senior Need 



Years of Research


Senior Lives

Dr. Kurt Merkelz CMO of Compassus

The care methodology gets it exactly right. And the care programming brings the entire community together and makes the senior’s need the focus.

Susan Davis Director of Senior Ministry St. John the Divine

In my 29 years as a care provider, care professional, and senior’s minister, helping our seniors in a way that makes a real difference has been one of the hardest things to do. Let me tell you, the RIGHTCARE model works.

Dawna Dyson Senior Minister Southwinds B.C.

“Our team here at Southwinds has used the RIGHTCARE curriculum for several years, and we’ve seen its impact on our seniors and their families.”