Best practices, innovative strategies, and new ideas built around a timeless message.

Real Metrics

Give understanding and solutions they can’t get anywhere else!

RIGHTCARE analytics software has set the standard for helping families interpret complex information surrounding an aging senior and draw out actionable solutions.

Researched and developed with 300+ organizations and 75,000 senior lives.

Bring accurate, individualized, and objective metrics to seniors and their adult children that helps them understand the challenges they face. Give the families and care teams the insight needed to take action and move towards effective solutions.


Ready for Inspiration?

Through RIGHTCARE’s dynamic experiences, training, and education, you’ll discover proven strategies to build a high-impact ministry that truly makes a difference.

Gain mastery and confidence through our 12 certification courses. This combination of one on one, group, and live ministry training gives you the tools and confidence to help seniors and their adult children with the challenges they are facing.

Bring your congregation and local community education they cannot get anywhere else. This 8 part series is based on twenty years of research involving hundreds of organizations contributing their knowledge and expertise to bring understanding, action, and solutions to seniors and their adult children.

Be a part of live weekly ministry collaborations with partners in your local community. This accelerates a deeper understanding of the challenges our seniors are facing and the solutions that can help them.

Elevate Your Ministry

Training and Support

We provide one on one interactive coaching and support to help you with all of our curriculum, member specific challenges, certification trainings, and big and small group trainings and workshops with senior ministry teams from other local churches.

Every training is designed to inspire and equip you and your team for an incredible year of ministry.

Ready To Go

Resources and Tools

Our team of contributors, senior ministry practitioners, and experts all across the country work each week to make sure the resources and tools of your senior ministry helps your seniors and their adult children successfully navigate their unique challenges and discover a deeper faith.

We have leading online education modules in key areas of senior need, certification courses to gain more advanced skills, monthly newsletters ready for use, podcasts to engage members, tools for seniors and their adult children to use now, turn-key lectures for members and the local community and much, much, more.

Community Programming

Together We Can Do More

Within our community, there are hundreds of people and organizations with a common goal: to help people. This is why if we are aligned with a common set of goals and best practice programming, the church and the community are better together for the good of the community. RIGHTCARE brings these collaborative partnerships with community stakeholders, led by local churches.

RIGHTCARE brings over twenty years of experience partnering hundreds of community organizations together around the needs of seniors. Let us help you find the right community partners and lead programming that achieves higher levels of success for senior members. This community based programming brings community stakeholders, advocacy, and funding diversification that can maximize resources.

Curriculum Features

Best practices, innovative strategies, and new ideas built around a timeless message.
RIGHTCARE isn’t just a senior’s ministry—it’s actually a family ministry.

  • A Rightcare Specialist to help support you with RC curriculum every week
  • RightCare specialist to support church staff
  • Large group teaching experiences
  • Small Group Teaching experiences
  • Weekly zoom meeting with real time ministry efforts, real families, and real challenges to learn from
  • Software administration, training, and support
  • Teaching videos
  • Teaching slides
  • New! Live teaching
  • Community partner certification
  • Certification training burden of care.
  • Certification training adult children and parents partnership for success
  • Certification training quality of life
  • Certification training safety
  • Certification training navigating the healthcare system/resources
  • Certification training challenges that come with aging
  • Certification training for the practical side of aging in place
  • Lecture Series Training, Resources, and Certification
  • Assessment Software App
  • Senior Care Advocate Certification
  • Customizable Resource Documents
  • Adult children tool kit
  • Monthly newsletter articles
  • Customizable Web and Social Media Materials
  • Volunteer job descriptions and hand book
  • Resources for Senior Members
  • Community Partnership Outline Materials
  • Podcasts for church website
  • Training and Curriculum for Volunteers
  • Donations software