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Daughter who suspects mom has dementia

OK guys. Dr. Ahmed was incredible!!! LUUUV her!! 

that was hardest thing i’ve ever had to do- and beyond sad- but mom made it thru that. She failed drawing the clock completely- it was actually shocking for me to watch, and it totally surprised her- and the simple going to the store addition question she couldn’t do at all and it was just unbelievable to see how this manifests with such simple day to day questions.. I was so thankful at the end of the visit she told mom the words mild to moderate dementia. I’ve only seen my mom tear up a handful of times in my life- and she did tear up at the end of that appointment. 

-but now we r on the same page -mom knows and dad knows- and Lisa (sister)- it is dementia. barring something bizarre showing up with her bloodwork...

she liked the doctor which goodness that’s a miracle! so THANK U for making all that happen!!!

NEXT plzzzzzz, can u somehow work in time for a one-on-one with my dad? He desperately needs someone to discuss all this stuff better than I can- and cover the hard parts? i know he leaves for Dallas with his mom for his client's deposition at end of next week.. he does seem off to me tho, his behavior when we got home from the doctor was just so fascinating- seemed more interested in trying to prepare for HIS assessment and wanted the questions and answers 😑 so we also need to get his evaluation scheduled too- can I just call them directly for that now?

One month later…

I’ve been at MD appointment with her all morning- I made it 3 hours trying to manage her regular life stuff and I’m now home crying - it’s tooooo much to manage- she is so not ok. I don’t know how dad has been surviving AT ALL, and I swear he’s just right behind her with all this stuff! 

She should NOT be driving, should NOT be calling /speaking to doctors offices EVER, or have access to making appts- this morning was a total sh&^ show hearing how she’s been communicating with their offices and not able to communicate stuff to us correctly about what all is going on.

We need ONLY Dr. Ahmed handling ALL this bs from here on out- ONE doctor who knows it all and handles it all. 

This is freaking hard- this transition/ trying to play catch up on all these doctor appointments and meds and issues that we for years weren’t in on the when or why or what worked or didn’t- and now she can’t remember. I’m seriously done- R I didn’t even make it one morning 😩 and Michael just pulled the “don’t take this out on me” bs when I called to fill him in. over. it.

So YES/ I will work on the schedule/routines right after I start using meth and calm the hell down and mom cried when I left their house/ cuz I was trying to explain to dad that she cannot be calling doctor's offices at all anymore- it’s too confusing- she got mad at me..